Akc registered French Bulldog puppies for sale

buy maltese puppies for saleQuestion : - A little More About Us

Answer : "First of all, it’s worth noting that we have been in the puppy business for over a decade. One of the bi-products of being in business that long, is that most of our clients come to us via referrals from past happy customers. because of that, our puppies from the moms we have in our home are just about always sold out, with every spot reserved before they are born. So over the years, we have not only worked with families who provide loving, living environments for our parent dogs (view our guardian home page), but we have also developed a small network of breeders around our Pennsylvania guardian home who adhere to the same breeding practices we use. Namely, we require that the moms and studs are kept and cared for in loving family environments and that the puppies are well socialized and used to children as they grow up. We then help connect their puppies with loving families as well. This typically happens when we are sold out of our own puppies. So our puppies come from all of the above. When you inquire about a puppy feel free to ask which category your puppy of interest falls into. One of the reasons our trusted breeders chose us to help them place their puppies, is because, we relieve some stress from their busy lives, by handling the photoshoots ( 3 weeks apart ), all sales calls, customer service, pick up and delivery of puppies, etc…"

buy Poodle puppies for saleQuestion : - How Often Can I Get Picture Updates Of My Puppy?

Answer : "While we want to make your puppy buying experience as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible, we like for families to understand that we have to stick to a scheduled picture update, that is typically 3 weeks apart. For you to get a better perspective of why that is, please consider that we as well as many of the breeders we partner with, are working around the clock to maintain a healthy environment for our pups. That includes our guardian homes. We have about 1 to 3 mom dogs. For the most part, when you have two or 3 females in the same space, their heat cycle sync and they all go into heat and pretty much have puppies at the same time. ( we hope they spread it out across several months, but That just about never happens ) If an average litter has 8 -10 puppies, you then have a family taking care of 18 -30 pups at once. It’s rewarding and fun, but it’s also a lot of work. So imagine having 18 to 30 families asking for photo updates and videos every other day…It makes it nearly impossible to do. -We devote an appropriate amount of time and energy toward nurturing and caring for the moms and pups. -It’s extremely stressful for us, the guardian home, and/or the trusted breeder family to grant those requests daily. (outside of the 3 weeks schedule). That is why we ask for your flexibility with us in this process and understand our need to stick to a schedule. We hope this makes sense and that this helps clarify things for you."

buy Pug puppies for saleQuestion : - What’s Our Trusted Breeder Selection Process

Answer : "We have a pretty rigorous selection process to include a breeder in our “trusted breeder program” and they are held to the same standards and expectations we have ourselves. Given that our clients are still provided with our 2-year health guarantee when getting a puppy through us, we ensure that the breeders have practices that live up to our reputation. These are just a few things we require Have a minimum of 2 years of breeding experience provide a family living environment for the parent dogs Have a sanitary whelping space free of harmful chemicals for the mom dogs Have Children in the home, that ensures much better socialization of the puppies Must agree to a pre-established photo update schedule for pups,( every 3 weeks ) and provide photos as needed for parent dogs Agree to Photos either taken by the breeder family or a photographer hired by My Puppy Crush on our 3-week schedule Get all the puppies on our Dewormer schedule when the pups are 2,4,6 and 8 weeks old Ensure each puppy receives a DAPP vaccine one week prior to them going home"

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleQuestion : - What Do We Receive With The Puppy When They Come Home?

Answer : "You can rest assured you are getting a healthy well-rounded puppy. We start when they are born with early stimulation. All of our babies come from health-tested parents and lines. We also include the following: Puppy care package includes paperwork that consists of: Vaccination and deworming record. Microchip number and directions to register your puppy. Our 2-year health guarantee puppy contract. We also include: A bag of dog food Probiotic syringe to help puppy on the transition home. A toy with the scent of the litter. Lifetime breeder support. Our dogs are our family once you have a My Doodle Crush puppy, you are a part of our extended family. We are here for you for the life of your puppy."

buy Pug puppies for saleQuestion : - Who Can Buy A Puppy From Us?

Answer : "Our primary focus is providing loving, nurturing, and safe homes for our puppies. So we prefer that our puppies go to families and/or people who have the time, financial resources and space to safely take care of a puppy. Please be advised, Although many breeders do a good job, We do not sell to breeders; our puppies are sold as pets or therapy/service animals only."

buy maltese puppies for saleQuestion : - Why Do You Focus On Doodles?

Answer : "If you spend any amount of time researching doodle puppies, you’ll soon find they are some of the most popular designer dogs in the US and Canada today. That is why many hospitals across the nation have Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles as therapy dogs in their facilities. We have personally been on the receiving end of this when our oldest son was undergoing a major foot amputation surgery, we received almost daily visits of a therapy dog, that was just about always a Goldendoodle or a Bernedoodle Their “ low to non-shedding traits “ Their intelligence and trainability are remarkable, making them in our opinion two of the best breeds out there for families."

buy Poodle puppies for saleQuestion : - Will My Dog Be Vaccinated?

Answer : "YES! You will be provided with a vaccination record at the time you pick up your puppy."

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleQuestion : - What’s Better, A Goldendoodle Or A Bernedoodle?

Answer : "Both :)! In our very biased opinion, you can’t go wrong with either breed, although we have spoken with a few people over the years who would beg to differ. we absolutely love them both!"

Pomeranian puppies for sale near meQuestion : - What’s the difference between an F1 and F1b

Answer : "F1 refers to the mix between two purebred dogs- A Bernese Mountain Dog bread with a Poodle or a Golden Retriever bread with a Poodle. This generation cross gives a 50/50 mix, genetically they will have a combination of attributes between the two parents. Coats in F1s can vary in terms of the percentage of hair shedding. This is usually a major factor in determining which is best for you. Some F1s will be nearly completely non-shedding and others will have a percentage of hair that still sheds. F1b’s are a Bernedoodle crossed to a Poodle- making it 75% poodle, their coats are usually fairly consistently, low to non-shedding. Typically half of the litter will have a curly coat and half will have a looser wavy coat. They are recommended for a family that may have mild allergies or that feels strongly about shedding in their dog."

Siberian Husky puppies for sale near meQuestion : - What Should I Expect After Sending My Non-Refundable Deposit ?

Answer : "We understand that getting a puppy is a pretty exciting undertaking for any family, and we want to keep you as engaged as possible in the process. That being said, considering the fact that some of our puppies are in our home, in guardian homes, or with one of our trusted breeder families, we have put together a system that isn’t overwhelming for us and is fair to you. This enables us to manage expectations to avoid frustrations from either side. This system also enables us to dedicate the needed time and effort in providing the best possible care to our moms and pups while maintaining our normal family life activities ( kids, work, life in general etc.. ) . So while it may be exciting to request updated photos every other day, we ask that you please adhere to our update schedule. A good rule of thumb is, we give photo updates every 3 weeks So expect photos at: – Birth to 1week -4 weeks ( that’s when we often have families select their puppy in the order in which deposits were received ) -7 weeks When the pups turn 8 weeks old you do your happy dance!! Because your puppy is ready to come home!!"

australian Shepherd puppies for sale near meQuestion : - What Should I know About Picking Up My Puppy?

Answer : "The vast majority of puppies from My Puppy Crush can be picked up from Honey Brooke, Pennsylvania. However, most families prefer using our puppy delivery service. Since the littermates usually go home on the same day, most families opt into our discounted $25/hr delivery fee. Which is usually coordinated with our driver roughly 3 days prior to the puppy’s 8 week birthday. If you don’t have the flexibility to plan within that time frame, we ask that you plan on coming to Honey Brooke to get your puppy."

buy Pug puppies for sale near meQuestion : - Puppy Delivery Service Example

Answer : "If you are in New Jersey, you’re likely two hours away from Honeybrooke, PA, we would drive 2 hrs in your direction and you would pitch in $100 to have your puppy delivered to you. If you live in New York, you’re likely 3 hours away, that would be a 6 hour round trip, that would cost you $150 to have your Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle puppy delivered to you. Again you’re welcome to pick up in Honey Brooke for free This is obviously a case by case situation. The proper arrangements will be made upon puppy reservation and we usually know driving details within 3 to 5 days of the date your pup is scheduled to go home.If you are not within driving distance from Honeybrooke, PA, you can fly into town to pick up your puppy from us. We can meet with you at the Airport and hand you the puppy there for free. please contact the airline to learn regulation surrounding your ability/requirements to flight with your puppy in cabin. (it’s a pretty simple process in our experience ) Or we can fly the puppy to you for $750. Just let us know your nearest airport and the days that work best for you. We send you the flight itinerary and the nanny’s name and phone number."

Shihtzu puppies for sale near meQuestion : - Final Payment Information

Answer : "The final payment is due at the time we meet with you and give you your puppy. If we are flying the puppy to you, the final payment (including any shipping costs) is due as soon as we provide you with the airway bill number and plane ticket information. That typically happens within 2 to 5 days of us flying the puppy to you. The final payments can be made via bank transfer, check, Paypal or credit card ( please be aware there is a 3% finances charge fee if using PayPal or card ( debit or credit card )"

Pug puppies for sale near meQuestion : - Health Guarantee

Answer : "We provide you with a two-year health guarantee that your puppy will be free from life-threatening congenital defects or we will replace your puppy with one of equal value subject to availability."

buy maltese puppies for sale near meQuestion : - Is My Deposit Refundable?

Answer : "Our deposits are not refundable. They are applied to your final balance; when we receive a deposit for a puppy, we no longer advertise that puppy to other inquiring families, it makes it challenging for us to consider a puppy spoken for, and then have to start the process over from scratch. we ask that you keep this in mind when placing a deposit. And of course, If anything happens to the puppy you reserved we will refund your deposit, or move it to a future litter if you prefer."

french bulldog puppies for sale near meQuestion : - What should I know about potty training or Litter box Training?

Answer : "Potty training is an ongoing process that has more to do with your ability to stick to certain disciplines and establish a good routine for your pup. Please watch this youtube video so you have a clear understanding of potty training expectations, and of course what you’ll need to do, set you up to win."

Poodle puppies for sale onlineQuestion : - Should I Crate My Puppy At Night? Or just use a litter box?

Answer : "Both have their advantages, but we recommend using a litter box. This is a very helpful video that should help you understand the difference."

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