Privacy Policy

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Kiki's Pet Kennel welcomes everyone here who has endeavour to visit our site, personals in this house of pets will later be known as "Us" or "We" or "Our".

Private information here from our customers is very confidential. That is, cannot be shared with a third party except it is legally needed or you give us the right to do so. Any personal information collected here helps us to facilitate and process your command. We use this data collected to identify and confirm our customers' order.

Available Pomeranian puppy for saleAll DATA/INFORMATION COLLECTED AND THEIR USES

On the Kiki's Pet Kennel contact form, you are will be asked to fill in your possible reaching information which is your

Name .........(as on your Id card)

Email address ........(reachable always)

Telephone number ........

Country ..................

State/Region ..............(present resident)

The above information is used in case of any issue when handling we are your command and also to direct the customer on how to make payments. For instance, confirming your payment card identification and even knowing the available pets at Kiki's Pet Kennel. Customers suppose to receive advance emails when the registration process is going on.

Kiki's Pet Kennel have an authorised form of purchase that demands customers information needed. Visitors information is also collected as follows


Email Address.....

Telephone number.....

Available Pomeranian puppy for salePAYMENT METHODS

We get in touch with our customers and visitors with the above information collected when needs arise. We guide them on how to make their payments easily in case of any problem in the ordering process or any changes made. All financial data collected is used to direct the clients to make payments on their puppies and other services.ID card number requested from a customer is used to confirm identity and authorise the use of an account number which will be saved in our system for confidential purpose.

Available Pomeranian puppy for saleSECURITY

Kiki's Pet Kennel does everything possible to put in place security measures to cover your personal information and make it confidential. When placing your order to buy a puppy, the required information you fill in is already saved in a secured server both offline and online. All your delicate data provided is sent through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which is then encrypted and guided, hence only authorise persons can access your data in this system and are suppose to keep it confidential as stated above. Your information can only be released when legally needed to protect you and us at Kiki's Pet Kennel online especially for the reinforcement of our site. Your info will never be used as part-time means of advert and marketing or maybe other uses.

•You agree with us that we hold the right to changes on our privacy policy for administrative concerns or legal options In case of any doubt, concerning our security get in touch with Kiki's Pet Kennel using our email

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