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“It’s been 2 weeks since I got my lovely French bull dog puppy from Kiki's Pet Kennel . He is such a heathy and very playful puppy as recommended in this site. I enjoy spending my leissure time with Andrew because he gives me joy . A big thank you to Kiki's Pet Kennel for helping me all through to bring him specially to me, thanks to breeder Edelbert who raised such a beautiful puppy. I will be coming back to have another one by the end of this me at any time to know how the liltte Frenchie is fairing!”

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleAlva Schneider - Satisfied Client

“Thank you Kiki's Pet Kennel for helping us find Wilma. We visited some websites but we couldnot see a healthy structure female French bull dog for almost a year but when we were directed to this site,we see morethan what we expected. We took a look at your website and found Wilma in our search for French bull dog puppies. The breeder, Edmond Claudios made the whole experience easy and fast. He quickly response my phone calls and text messages.Edmond made available the puppy we choose .The puppy was already vet checked and we kept the given name(Wilma) from the breeder.Our family has really experience change since we bought Wilma.”

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleDean Byrd - Satisfied Client

“I had been searching for a very long time the right place to buy a loving French bull dog puppy online.Due to scam alerts annouced almost every where on social media,i was really skeptical to fall victim.When i came accros Kiki's Pet Kennel,their information was proven real and so i gave a try.A cute lilttle baby from this site draws my attention alot.I made the first payment and i was invited to their kennel to come and touch and feel the puppy.After that day i made a complete payment and the puppy was brought to me the next day. A big thanks to the entire team who facilitated the process."!

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleLucille Lankford - Satisfied Client

“After searching for months where to buy the right puppy, especially during Covid, it was a bit stressful buying online though online purchasing at this period is the most convinient to avoid interacting with so many people outside.My husband and I decided to give it a chance and called Joe, one of the breeders in Kiki's Pet Kennel. We made the trip to Parkersburg, PA where we were able to meet our cute male French bull dog before purchase. We also met his momma and his siblings.The breeders here are so patient and polite. It’s been a great experience and we are so happy with our Frenchie baby who has joined our family!feel free to use our feedback as recommendation".

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleSteven Mapleh - Satisfied Client

“We picked up Lanki, a clean Australian Shepherd puppy, formerly known as Bastern, from Kiki's Pet Kennel 1week 2days ago. This pet has truly been a pleasure and has become part of the family. Our experience with breeders from this site was excellent. If anyone reading this is still having doubt about this wesite then u must surely want to go else where and be double crossed.Thanks again to the entire working team at Kiki's Pet Kennel for making me gaining your trust".

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleJonathan Haydel - Satisfied Client

“I had a positive experience working with Kiki's Pet Kennel. I bought my mini Australian Shepherd from Manuel,a breeder in Kiki's Pet Kennel . My pup was born on January 27, 2020 with the name “Malvo” His new name is Tiran Malvo and his now 4 months old and is a happy, healthy and playful puppy. I can’t imagine life without him. I would love to recommend this site with confident because of their fast and sincere trading attitude".

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleWilliam Patillo - Satisfied Client

“We got Jennies from Gap Pennsylvania from Alain last 2weeks and wanted to just say ..It was the right choice we made buying from Kiki's Pet Kennel ! the female French bull dog we bought has been my life saver, and we continue to travel and explore the world together . Thanks to Kiki's Pet Kennel ..I was able to find an awesome match to my family and the people were so jovial and encouraging with us ! Can’t thank everyone enough for our lil baby Jennies.We are always available incase you need further information”

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleErin Jones - Satisfied Client

“We picked up our new Australian shepherd puppy from a beautiful farm in Lititz Pa. Kenneth Smith from Kiki's Pet Kennel was the breeder and had a litter of beautiful healthy Australian shepherds. The dogs were so beautiful and so well cared for. He was so kind in dealing with us and we appreciated meeting our dogs mom, dad and siblings! I would highly recommend and would definitely come back in the future! Thank you Kiki's Pet Kennel”

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleJanice Dejesus - Satisfied Client

“I just wanted to drop you a letter and let you know how thankful I am to you all at Kiki's Pet Kennel for helping us complete our family with our lil Siberian Husky puppy, Molly. He has settled in home happily and so attatch to us all quite well. I've had a lot of different breeds and this is my first Siberian Husky puppy. I can't believe what I've been missing out on!!! He is the most perfect, sweet loveable pet.Thanks alot"!

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleWilford Brothers - Satisfied Client

“Well, Cyrus has become the best Siberian Husky puppy I’ve ever owned. She’s so stinkin’ smart, ready to go do anything, any time. She’s very much like Maurel in that she’s very curious and ready. She’s very good with the dogs, and she goes with me on all my trail rides with the horses and sticks with us through several hours riding. I should have named her Joy – she’s always so full of that; she makes me happy and makes me laugh every day.A very big thank you Kiki's Pet Kennel".

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleRickie Han - Satisfied Client

“I bought Jetsen some weeks ago, He is great. He is very sweet and mild mannered, but can be very friendly and playful when appropriate. Living in New York. We are introducing him to other Siberian Husky puppies and dogs as much as possible, and so far he plays appropriately with them without any aggression or (much) fear. I aprreciate you all at Kiki's Pet Kennel".

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleHans Scott - Satisfied Client

“We got our baby Australian shepherd, Marcus, 10 days ago from Anthony Scotten,a proffessional breeder from Kiki's Pet Kennel. We picked Marcus up when she was 8.5 weeks old. She is healthy, sweet, and a social puppy. Her good health and disposition makes me confident that she was well cared for as a newborn Anthony was helpful and responded quickly to our mails and phone calls as we worked through the transaction. Our cute baby had her first vet appointment yesterday and the doctor said everything looks great. We are in absolute love with our pup.A big thanks to the entire team,you are highly recommended as a good trading puppies site".

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleStanley Powell - Satisfied Client

“It’s been 1month now since we picked up our Australian shepherds from Kiki's Pet Kennel in New Holland, PA. They were kind and the puppies were happy, in good health and adorable. They are playful, happy, sweet pups. My family has never been happier. I was skeptical at the beginning but i later found out that i was dealing with professional and I received all of their paperwork. I would recommend this site”

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleKaren Bayles - Satisfied Client

“Witney,a cute Poodle puppy gotten from Kiki's Pet Kennel is 13 weeks old today and a steady sweatnes giver. Her temperament is so smooth and calm and really takes direction well. Her attire is gorgeous and has brought so much joy to our family. The whole process was so wonderful and we cannot wait to continue buying from this wonderful house of pets”

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleLinda Sanders - Satisfied Client

“Mk Valery, a cute little Poodle gotten from Kiki's Pet Kennel is just over 3 months now and we all have been attatched to one another happily! MK Valery is now following simple commands such as sit, stay, lay down and come! He loves going out for a strol every weekend. We couldn’t be happier without Kiki's Pet Kennel. Valery is truly a beautiful dog and we get compliments constantly since we started taking him places with us. We will continue updating you this puppy"!

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleLori Grant - Satisfied Client

“We are so grateful to you all at Kiki's Pet Kennel for giving us the Siberian Husky puppy "Dario". I am so amazed at how smart and trainable he has been! Everyone is so amazed at how well behave he is at such a young age. He is an amazing puppy. And he is so amazing with my two young boys, I don't know what they did before him, they always try to negotiate him coming along with us wherever we go. He is my little shadow and follows me everywhere. Thank you so much for giving us such an amazing dog and starting him off great in life, he is everything we wanted.Get in touch with us to know about his development".

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleBetty Barrier - Satisfied Client

“Kiki's Pet Kennel i really wanna express my gratitude,thank you very much for our precious female Siberian Husky puppy,The cute baby girl Sorel exceeded my expectations. From start to finish all communications was good with the entire team who worked together and you were all professional and everything went smoothly with the best shipping process ever.Feel free to use us as part of your recommendations".

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleEdward Creech - Satisfied Client

“Inna my lil angel from Kiki's Pet Kennel is 4months old and beautiful. The lil pit bull is a favorite playmate with the grandchildren and anyone who Mets her on her walks. She is playful and a wonderful addition to our family.Her vet loves her very much".

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleJudith Carroll - Satisfied Client

“Remzy our lil Poodle is almost 4 months old, healthy and happy. So playful. She is fun to train with, she just loves to learn. She has taken her spot at the center of the family We’re very thankful for her great start at Kiki's Pet Kennel She’s beautiful”

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleAlexis Munoz - Satisfied Client

“A pup bred from Kiki's Pet Kennel brings energy, laughter, and love to our lives. Anderson our sweet Poodle has the ability to listen and be trained so quickly makes it easy to trust him with our whole home – and he just turned 7months old! We are preparing to make his first birthday in the next 5months. We will definitely be back in the future for more Puppies from this amazing Home for pets lovers!!”

Jessica Davis - Satisfied Client

“Roodney from Kiki's Pet Kennel is so funny and a great friend. He loves dancing and looking happy always even when his hungry he cant bite us.We have finally have a good companion in our family that has change the attitude of our kids.We really appreciate you all for your colaboration"!

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleImogene Murphy - Satisfied Client

“Baby Shihtzu puppy our favorite pet is a pup from Kiki's Pet Kennel .Harris is so smart, handsome, and a giant snuggly dog. His abillity to learn quickly has made him a superb hunting buddy for my husband. He is a treasure.I really appreciate this pet home once more".

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleSue Guzman - Satisfied Client

“Bucky and Scarlett had a great fall season upland hunting! Both dogs have been great in the field and in our home! A big thanks again to Kiki's Pet Kennel for my two great dogs!"

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleNancy Brinson - Satisfied Client

“Just wanted to update you about the lil gorgi puppy Bella,i bought from Kiki's Pet Kennel has just turned two and has decided that she too loves to hunt. She has lots of energy and loves everyone! We just can’t say enough about how wonderful these this puppy is , Thanks again and dont forget to use as part of your reference!"

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleKeisha Boyd - Satisfied Client

“I dont have much to say but really wanna apprecaite you all working at Kiki's Pet Kennel.The entire team is really trust worthy and your shipping procedure is really encouraging . Ben recently turned 10 months old and is doing great. He is a natural hunter and always aim at giving us pleasure. He is a great big brother to Dudan and an amazing protector for his little humans. Thanks again very much!”

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleCora Harris - Satisfied Client

“We feel so blessed to have been able to get our puppy through this service from Kiki's Pet Kennel! It gives lots of resources to prepare you for being a great owner.Stay bless and remain faithful in your business transactions.!!”

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleKelley Bacon - Satisfied Client

“Ever since i started trading deals with Kiki's Pet Kennel,my puppies have never had any complain without visible fault .The lil maltese puppy i bought this time really gain my confidence in you guys. lil Doriana was very easy to housetrain and loves to learn new tricks. Thank you so much we will always get in touch for any important discuss that may arise."!

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleKathleen Pierce - Satisfied Client

“I had to write to let you know that Sylvie is doing great and just wonderful. She is so smart and absolutely beautiful. She is a perfect fit for us and gets along great with our other dog. People stop me to look at her. She is growing fast and we are enjoying everyday with her. Thank you so much Kiki's Pet Kennel.".

buy Shihtzu puppies for saleEva Tipton - Satisfied Client

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We are blessed to “own them - vet checked, AKC registered, recent shots, crates- documents and more” and take our responsibility very seriously for providing fully for their emotional and physical care.!