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buy Siberian Husky puppies for saleWELCOME TO

Kiki's Pet Kennel welcomes everyone who wants to afford and show love for any of our puppy breeds. Our kennel is legally registered as "Kiki's Pet Kennel". Our kennel name, Kiki's Pet Kennel is used on our 'Home page','social media' and content page. We keep our puppies inside cases giving them extraordinary care with a good growing up attitude till when they are taken to their new forever home and guidance.

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buy Pug puppies for saleWe breed for passion, not for profits

buy Pomeranian puppies for saleThe main Aim(Objectives) behind Kiki's Pet Kennel!!!

Our goal is to securely provide prevalent quality and clean puppies for you with clear bills of wellbeing that comes from a capable authorised veterinarian. We work together as a devoted group to make sure that the puppies are well nurtured for at least 9months before shipping since everybody loves an amazing pet as a friend.

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buy Australian Shepherd puppies for saleHow can I know that your Pet Home is not fake?!

Our Pet Home is trustworthy and we are strongly holding our title concerning qualified puppies. We are properly enlisted with the administrative organs of the US government and owns the organization number 1008398-4. With full confidence, we motivate you to depend on us without any benefit of the doubt by reading our customers reviews or visit our social media pages(Instagram and Facebook)then you will see our fulfilled client conclusions. You can also get in touch with us at: info@kikipetskennel.com in case of any doubts or concerns. It would be ideal if you don't delay to inquire for a video of any puppy that's checked as accessible on our site.

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buy Pug puppies for saleHow Our Puppies are sold?

buy Siberian Husky puppies for saleHow much is your puppy?

Depending on the breed, size and quality of the puppy you choose before a valid amount is said since our puppies are lovely. we don't buy the idea of puppy plants because we grow our puppies with deserved consideration, adorable all the time. Our puppies are raised by professional puppy medical attendants. We guarantee that they are well-nourished and stay in great well-being condition for a convenient move into their new home.

buy Siberian Husky puppies for saleWhat is the life expectancy of your puppies?

Their life expectancy is as long as a normal size dog, given that they are well taken care of concerning their meal and way of life.

buy Siberian Husky puppies for saleWhat are the ages of your puppies?

Our puppies accessible on our site are at the age of 3months lowest.

Do you ensure the well-being of your puppies?

A 12months guarantee is given to all our puppies sold, We do provide guarantees for one year on all our puppies, if you don't mind, you can audit the wellbeing ensure page for more subtle elements.

buy Siberian Husky puppies for saleWhat could be an uncommon Arrange?

There is an increasing rate of purchase on our smaller valuable puppies and if the puppy you wanted on our website is sold, you can command the same puppy especially by placing a deposit of $1,000 for us to find a comparable puppy. When we talk of a comparable puppy, we mean in colour, gender, face, quality and size. If you want us to make available the puppy you want, you can send us the exact picture/video of the puppy or send us to the puppies page. The money given as a deposit cannot be given back and maintains the puppy for the money, not more than one week after the puppy you required is available. . The $1,000 deposit goes towards the ultimate cost of your Uncommon Arranged puppy. Please get in touch with us for assistance data on the term to find a particular puppy.

buy Siberian Husky puppies for sale*Any deposit made cannot be given back. If it's not too much trouble, be beyond any doubt of the dedication to increase your pet companion to your family before placing any deposit
*It is advisable to deposit within one week for an extraordinary command. After one week when we have seen the puppy you demanded, the puppy isn't saved yet incase your payment on the puppy is not completed .please kindly talk to our agents for more points of interest.

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buy Siberian Husky puppies for saleNeed A Healthy Adorable Puppy?

We are blessed to “own them - vet checked, AKC registered, recent shots, crates- documents and more” and take our responsibility very seriously for providing fully for their emotional and physical care.!